12-week liveFIT

If you REALLY want to change your lifestyle and see the difference in your health and wellness, THIS is the program for you. Stick with this program and you WILL see results!

The one-on-one online fitness coaching is a 3 phase training & nutrition program individually designed to accommodate YOUR lifestyle and the location of your workouts in order to see the best results. Nutrition and exercise are both important for a lean, healthy body. The nutrition programs are based on flexible dieting as I view that everyone should have nutrition accommodate their lifestyle, not vice versa. I teach you how to make use of the foods that you like and incorporate them into your program using a simple system that works for all of my clients. You will receive an online log book and will be responsible for submitting in weekly to be reviewed. At the weekly check-in we will discuss via email how your week has went and devise a plan on how to move forward in the next week. Coaching is available via skype if you wish to discuss anything in person.


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