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From “Business Suits to Bikini Bottoms”, that was the headline in a (2008) magazine that introduced Canadian, Nadine Dumas to the world. Today, it still describes this international fitness/swimsuit cover model, world-wide coach, accomplished entrepreneur and mother, who now resides in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Nadine started her corporate accounting career at a very young age working for one of the top accounting firms in the world, and at 25, Nadine packed her bags, and headed straight for one of the most sought after places on earth to continue her career – the Cayman Islands.


After spending 2 years in Grand Cayman furthering her corporate career and developing a passion for the fitness industry, she unceremoniously attended a local fitness competition as a spectator. From that moment on, her desire to learn more about the industry grew, and Nadine tried a show out for herself! In 2007, she stunned everyone when she won the overall title of the “Caribbean Grand Prix Natural Show”! With her pro title under her belt, she headed back to Canada to pursue her new passion; fitness.

During the 3 years Nadine was back in Canada, she remained very active in the fitness industry, and worked tirelessly to earn her certification as a sports nutritionist, child obesity specialist, personal trainer and health & wellness coach.

The forefront of Nadine’s world-wide coaching is creating transformations in the average, everyday individual. Nadine has seen outstanding results through her online nutrition and training programs.
Nadine’s passion lies within helping others, she believes that a coach must work from within and get to know each individual in order for clients to reap the benefits externally. Nadine understands that each individual is different and she wears many hats in her own daily life such as being a mother, a business professional and model.

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